Запрос на выражение заинтересованности: Qualitative Research In Kyrgyzstan

IRI will conduct a round of focus group research in the target cities of Bishkek and Osh, together
with the added cities of Balykchy, Naryn, and Jalalabad, building on focus group research
conducted under the prior NED project and IRI polling. IRI will use this information to adapt
training modules on constituent engagement for political movements, organizations, and leaders,
focusing on training them in cultivating this support, maintaining it, and understanding its source
(for example, providing critical information on the support bases of incumbent politicians so that
they can conduct more focused outreach, or providing target demographics for new movements to
adapt fundraising campaigns).

Statement of Work
Qualitative Research In Kyrgyzstan
Focus Groups in Five Cities
Objectives of The Research
To determine emerging citizen movements and priorities, as well as to determine effective
communication strategies for these movements and how to address them.
The questions above are best addressed by a focus group study. Two sets of five groups, each
lasting approximately 90-120 minutes and attended by 8-10 participants, should take place, one in
each city (Bishkek, Osh, Balykchy, Naryn, and Jalalabad). The two sets should be spaced
approximately 6-8 weeks apart with different participants.

All participants should be:
 Of voting age
 Roughly gender balanced
 Recruited from different neighborhoods in same city
 Registration papers should not be used for recruitment
 Include at least two members belonging to minority groups in each session who are fluent
in Kyrgyz or Russian.
 Participants in the same focus group session may not know one another.
 No participants may have participated in a focus group or in-depth interview study in the
past 12 months.

More details in the file attached


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